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Wed 14th Jan 2015

MAP Recording Studio is a professional recording facility available for hire now. 

We are currently offering special discounted rates for 2015.

£25 per hour (normally £30)

£175 per day 

£800 per week (only £20 per hour)

Longer periods can be negotiated.

The studio consists of two live rooms based around an Amek Big analogue desk and Pro-Tools HD, offering the best of digital, in-the-box and analogue recording/mixing. We also have a great selection of microphones, outboard gear, synths and an excellent W Hoffmann upright piano.

We provide a range of services; full live band/ vocal recording, mixing and production and have a team of engineers with a vast array of experience in the industry.

The Studio is located within MAP Cafe, offering a full menu and licensed bar. We offer a unique, relaxed and creative space open to musicians, vocalists and voice artists of all styles and genres.  Of our two live rooms, one doubles up as a live music venue and is large enough for full bands, choirs and string sections. It's also ideal for video shoots etc. The smaller live room is perfect for drums/vocalists. The control room offers a large, comfortable space to mix, listen and relax.

Come and pay us a visit!



Console: 44 Channel Amek Big by Langley


Recorders: Avid Pro-Tools HDX rig 192kHz I/O

                  Panasonic SV3800 DAT recorder


Outboard: Joemeek Twin Q dual channel strip/EQ

                 Warm Audio 1176 

                 Dbx 160xt

                 Lexicon MPX1

     Digitech Studio Quad Multi FX

     SPL Vitalizer



Microphones: AKG 414 B-ULS

           AKG 414 EB

           AKG C1000

           AKG D112

           AKG C418 x 3

           Beyer M160

           Groove Tubes MD2 valve mic

           Neumann KM184 stereo pair

           Oktava MK012 stereo pair

           Shure SM7b

           Shure SM58 x 3

           Shure SM57 x 3


Monitoring: KRK Rockit 8

                    Alesis Monitor 2 w/ ART SMA-1 amp

                    Sennheiser DT100s and DT770 headphones


Instruments/Other: W.Hoffmann upright piano, Roland JX8P, Kawai K1, Crumar Stringman analogue string synth.

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